Vegan Protein Pancakes

Vegan Protein Pancakes. Healthy, high protein vegan pancakes. Perfect for a weekend breakfast!
Preparation Time -  4 minutes
Cooking Time - 6/8 minutes
Makes - 12/14 (for 2 people)
Level - Easy


1 Cup Spelt Flour
2 Cup Coconut Milk
4 Scoops Vitally Vegan Coconut Protein Powder or your favourite flavour
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
Coconut oil for frying

Nutritional Information Per Serving (7 minis)
Kcal - 390
Fat 6g
Protein 26g
Carbs 54g

To make
Step 1 - Add all the ingredients into a blender or mixer.
Step 2 - Blend until smooth.
Step 3 - Heat a frying pan - medium/high heat, with little coconut oil.
Step 4 - Spoon out small scoops of the mixture, so the pancakes are just a few mm thick.
Step 5 - Cook pancakes for approximately 2/3 minutes each side.
Step 6 - Serve with your favourite sauce and fruit, such as maple syrup, fruit, nuts and seeds.
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