Protein Cookies

Vegan Protein Cookies. High in protein, great as a pre or post work out snack. Or for those looking to replace a biscuit in the afternoon try one of these instead.

Preparation Time -  5 minutes
Cooking Time - 16-18 minutes
Makes - 12
Level - Easy


40g Peanut Butter
32g Cocoa Powder
2 tsp Vanilla Essence
62g Jumbo Oats
2 Medium Banana's
1 tsp Baking Powder
42g Chocolate Chips
40g Coconut Sugar

Nutritional Information Per Cookie
Kcal - 130
Fat 4g
Protein 8g
Carbs 17g

To make
Step 1 - Pre-heat oven to 175c
Step 2 - Mash up the banana's in a large bowl.
Step 3 - Add in the wet ingredients and stir.
Step 4 - Add in the dry ingredients and mix well.
Step 5 - The mixture will be dry and hard, so use your hands if needed.
Step 6 - Roll out into 12 balls and place on a baking tray, slightly apply some pressure to each ball t flatten out.
Step 7 - Pop in the ver for 16-18 minutes.
Allow to cool, and don't eat all at once :) 

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