Biscoff Baked Oats

Baked oats are trending across social media right now, and to that we say "rightfully so!". This yummy breakfast creation takes just 3mins to prepare and bake and packs a 29g protein punch! 


A photo of popular TikTok breakfast, Biscoff Baked Oats on a white marble kitchen surface



30g Organic Jumbo Oats⁠
15g Almond Butter
1 tsp Biscoff
100ml Almond Milk
4 drops Stevia
1 Biscoff Biscuit
2 Scoops Salted Caramel Protein Powder


Nutritional Information

KCal: 442
Fat: 18g⁠
Carbs: 36g⁠
Protein: 29g⁠

How to Make
Step 1Add all of the ingredients into a microwavable bowl and stir until a wet mixture has formed.
Step 2Add a teaspoon of Biscoff drizzle onto the top of your mixture
Step 3Microwave for 2mins. Once baked, top with your Biscoff biscuit and any other chosen goodies!
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