Banana & Coconut Protein Bars

These are lovely and moist and chewy!
Perfect as a snack or as breakfast bars to enjoy on-the-go.⁠


Image of Coconut and Banana Protein Bars on a kitchen surface with a Vitally Vegan jar in the background.



150g Organic Jumbo Oats⁠
4 tbsp Maple Syrup⁠
2 x Large Banana⁠s
150g Vanilla Custard⁠
60g Milled Organic Flax Seed⁠
1/2 tbsp Lemon Essence⁠
45g Desiccated Coconut⁠
8 Scoops of Coconut Protein Powder⁠


Nutritional Information Per Bite

KCal: 221⁠
Fat: 9.3g⁠
Carbs: 23.2g⁠
Protein: 10.1g⁠

How to Make
Step 1Pre-heat oven to 180c. Mash up bananas with a fork until there are no lumps.⁠ Add maple syrup, custard and lemon essence - and stir.⁠
Step 2Add protein powder, oats, flax, coconut and mix in using a fork. ⁠
Step 3Pour the mixture into a lined baking tray - sprinkle with more desiccated coconut and bake for 20mins at 180c⁠
Tip: Fancy adding a kick to this recipe? Add a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Cut smaller for bitesized snacks or larger for breakfast bars! Store in an airtight container. ⁠


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