We Are A Zero Plastic Company

We have all seen Blue Planet and we are all aware of the damaging effects our consumption is having on the planet. We wanted to act fast. A lot of protein powder companies use single use plastic. We wanted to disrupt that market and go back to basics! Below is a list of all our packaging and products that make us plastic free! 


Our life time glass Jar is designed to sit on your kitchen top and house your protein powder. This way we avoid plastics and waste! 


As soon as your protein is running out you can order a refill bag of your choice and fill up the glass jar. Our bags break down in a matter of weeks not months! and they are made from 100% recycled paper. 


We have designed our protein scoop from coconut husk. This can be kept in the glass jar to avoid even more waste and more plastics! 

At Vitally Vegan we go into great deal to make sure all our packaging suppliers use vegan friendly glues and materials. So rest assured earths beautiful creatures have not been used in any product we have. 

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