Veganuary For January?

Ok, so you've decided to try veganuray for January but not sure where to start? We felt the same: what shall I eat for lunch or dinner? What do I buy in the supermarket? Where do I get my protein? How do I know if this is vegan?

Yes, we had all the same questions running through our heads too, so you're not alone! The good news is, we've created a little run down list of things to do and what to buy to help you on your journey.

So let's begin.

Swaps, as we like to call them, is the best way to transition over to going vegan.

Start with replacing your milk for plant-based milk such as coconut, almond, hazelnut, oat milk. The list is endless, and some are available in flavours such as chocolate too.
You can make your traditional meals such as spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, curry, sausage and mash. Just swap the meat to a plant-based substitute, you could even have some fun and not mention it to the rest of the family and see if they know the difference!

Milk swaps:
We recommend for tea and coffee Oatly Barista: available in most supermarkets and excellent coffee shops.
For drinking with our protein shakes or having with porridge or cereal is 
Alpro almond milk or Vita Coconut milk

Butter swaps:

The best butter we've found so far is Naturli spreadable a friend who loves his butter actually had this with sourdough one afternoon in the office and was converted instantly!

Meat swaps:
We recommend Vivera mince instead of beef mince for spaghetti bolognese and lasagna.
For other meat substitutes we recommend:
Naturli mince - mince, and their burgers are amazing!
Linda Mccarnety Veggy sausages, perfect for sausage and mash or a sausage sandwich.
If you eat a lot of chicken, then the best product we've found is by a company called: This is, it's scary how realistic the texture and look is too chicken, but again plant-based and takes minutes to cook.

As a beginner transitioning into the world of veganism, it can be daunting and can seem like a struggle. We found making swaps has worked for many of our friends and family, by simply just replacing the everyday products you would typically use with plant-based substitutes. In time once you've started to adapt and you feel more adventurous, you can start making more raw and fresh dishes, using beans, lentils, tofu and tempeh.
It takes time to change and yes there will be times when you eat something and haven't checked the label only to realise that there was whey powder (milk) in your crips! Yep, you learn something new every day who'd have thought it, that was one of the first mistakes we made, never again though.

Shopping may take a little longer as you'll start reading the labels on everything but trust us this will become so natural in time.

Please keep a lookout on our recipes page as we don't just want to provide you with your protein shakes, but share what we eat every day now that we've been vegan for a while.
Trust us you'll feel amazing knowing the only thing going into your body is fresh and that you have not contributed to the suffering of another living soul.

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