Vegan-friendly places around the world; vegan travelling is possible!

As winter begins to hit, you might well be dreaming of your next holiday. Hot white beaches, action-packed jungle trek, or lazing by the pool with a book. 

There’s no doubt that planning a holiday is really exciting. Being vegan and environmentally conscious does somewhat change how we have to approach holidays, but vegan-friendly travel is more accessible than ever.

Location, location, location

Taking a domestic holiday in the UK is both very cost-effective and reduces organisational and travel stresses. 

A cycle or walking holiday can be a great way to relax and get fit at the same time. From an ecological viewpoint, these are ideal. The UK is slowly starting to embrace veganism and so you can find vegan food options in most places. Don’t forget to pack some of our vegan protein powders for a quick muscle recovery boost.

If a UK holiday isn’t for you then don’t worry, it’s still easy to get away to warmer climes. While plane flights aren’t ideal environmentally if you have your sights set on a holiday out of the UK you can still find ethically responsible options.

Thanks to carbon offsetting, it’s now really easy to reduce the environmental damage you do by taking plane flights. Websites like Co2nsencus and GoldStandard make it easy to offset and you can see that the projects they support are well documented and certified.

You can also select an ethically responsible airline. Nippon Airways, Air France, and LATAM airlines are notable for the effort they take to reduce environmental damage.

Find food that fits the bill

If you take an aeroplane, then you might be better off also taking your own food. Most of the bigger airlines do offer vegan meal choices but it may not be that inspiring.

Sadly many countries are yet to have a mainstream food culture that is supportive of vegans. 

Japan is difficult because of the language barrier, and because they often put meat and fish in surprising places (fish embedded in bread, for example). Italy is tough because they often enrich things like pizza bases with lard or butter. 

Thankfully nearly every major city in the world will have some type of vegan restaurant. The internet makes it much easier to plan ahead so you’ve got an idea of where you can stop for a bite to eat.

When it comes to where you’re staying, then you’ll simply need to check that they are vegan-friendly. 

Some ideas to get you started

Tel Aviv, Israel. One of the vegan capitals. With the vegan congress being held there in 2018 the vegan scene is really starting to emerge strongly. Local chefs are busy creating new vegan takes of traditional recipes and the results are delicious.

Glasgow, UK. If you’ve decided to keep your travels UK based, then consider Glasgow. With so many vegan eating spots you can find something that will fit the bill. From raw-vegan desert specialist Rawnchy to the vegan’s favourite Serenity Now, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The USA. Both east and west coasts have fully embraced veganism. In New York, some 90% of restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian meals. San Fransisco remains a mecca for Vegans with a simply overwhelming number of places to eat, vegan shops and vegan communities.

Vegan travel is a very real possibility and it’s heartening to see that your diet and ethical choices don’t cut off that many options. Go ahead and start planning your summer getaway now!

Vitally vegan always want to be encouraging and supportive when it comes to lifestyle choices and travel is no exception. If you’ve got some travel-based tips that could help other vegans why not head over to our Facebook page and share them!

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