No Whey Protein....

What is Whey Protein?

It's quite surprising to know that so many people consume whey protein without actually realising its baby formula just bottled up in different packaging to the consumer!

Whey is milk powder - yes milk powder.

Milk not intended for human consumption.

Would you drink milk form a breast feeding mother? NO, so why would you even consider drinking from another livings mother.

A mother cow will only produce milk once she has had a baby calf, therefore the calf will be taken away so the mothers milk can be milked for human consumption, this is done within 24 hours of her giving birth.

What happens to the calf? If a female she will have the same fate as her mother, if male it will be sent to slaughter to be used as veal for human consumption.

Now get your head around that, doesn't feel right does it?

That milk that is then taken form the mother cow is full of fats, hormones and everything else that baby cow needed to start its life. Not an adult human!

Ever wondered why you might get a break out of spots, this could be the most likely the reason; ingesting milk full with hormones which not meant for you! 

The good news - You don't need to be drinking milk formula to achieve the recommended protein intake. Our Protein Powders are a far better substitute and by taking these you are not contributing to the vicious cycle of suffering of mother cows and their baby calves. Our plant based protein powder contains 20 grams of protein per serving and are less than 113 calories. 

Why not swap Whey for our Protein Formula today?

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