How To Start Going Vegan: A Beginners Guide

In recent years, the prospect of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle has become more and more popular. What once seemed like a far fetched idea has now become the reality for a vast proportion of the population. Yet, like any big lifestyle change, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So, if you’ve decided that you would like to become a vegan, but are unsure on how to get started - we’re here to help! 

Why Become A Vegan?

The first thing to consider is why you’re looking to make this change. This is different for everybody and there is no right or wrong answer. Whether you’re making the leap with an environmental or welfare issue in mind, or are thinking more of the personal health benefits, the reason behind your decision is likely what will motivate you to keep at it. 

There are so many legitimate benefits to living a vegan lifestyle, some of which you may not have even considered! Not only will you be benefiting animals, but improving the quality of the environment around us as a whole while also appreciating the health and personal gains that come with a vegan lifestyle.


Learn As Much As You Can About How To Become A Vegan

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle and there are some things you might not have thought of before. Before taking the leap, we would always recommend learning as much as you can. Think about the changes that are required and utilise the many great resources that are out there.

Why not take a look at our ‘7 Days To Vegan’ recipe book to give you some initial ideas on how to start going vegan? 

Take It One Step At A Time

Any big lifestyle change can be daunting and rightly so. If you’re looking to join the ever growing world of veganism, then it’s important to remember to take things at your own pace. It’s not a necessity to transform your entire lifestyle in one fell swoop. Making small, sustainable changes and gradually moving to veganism will likely make the process of going vegan much smoother. Perhaps start by changing one meal at a time, or make individual changes such as by swapping out your dairy products for suitable substitutes. 

So many people try to change everything all at once, only to slip up and feel like they have failed, when that simply is not the case! Take things at your own pace and proudly tell people that you are “becoming” a vegan. We all started somewhere and before you know it, living a vegan lifestyle will feel like second nature!   

A Positive Mindset

Remember to think of the things that you can enjoy as a vegan, as opposed to dwelling on those you can’t. There are so many lovely, nutritious meals and substitutes available. Don’t be afraid to try new things, as you may even find that there are recipes out there that you love, but simply would never have tried before. Remind yourself of the reasons why you chose to become a vegan and think of the positive changes you are making, both to yourself and the world around you. 


Don’t Go It Alone

When you choose to start going vegan, remember that you’re joining a community of likeminded individuals who each share the same goals. There are so many resources available, so you should never feel like you’re tackling this change alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Connect with others who have made the change and don’t be afraid to ask them about their own experiences.

If you don’t know anybody in person who has become a vegan, why not follow some of the inspiring vegans out there on social media, or listen to some podcasts which will help to motivate you! 

Your Body Needs Nutrients

Contrary to what some of the misinformed among us may think, living a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean living off of salad alone. There are so many delicious meals available and there are vegan substitutes available for almost every food! Whatever your favourite meals were before, there’s bound to be an equally as enjoyable alternative. In fact, many who take the step to living a vegan lifestyle find themselves amazed at the fact that they’d never tried some of these ingredients before. 

There are simply thousands of vegan recipes out there, suitable for anybody’s culinary preferences. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the number of meals that can be easily prepared. 

The most important thing is to ensure that you eat a balanced diet, as it’s important to provide your body with the right nutrients it needs to allow you to live a healthy and happy life. You may find it useful to purchase additional supplements to offer you the boost you need, such as our protein powders. 

Don’t Give Up!

Some days will be tougher than others when you’re first setting out, but it’s important to never give up. Remember those reasons that encouraged you to make the leap in the first place.

Most importantly, enjoy it. Becoming a vegan opens up a world of possibilities that you might not have considered before. Enjoy living a healthy, sustainable, environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Any questions? Get in touch! Our team are here to help and have a variety of products and recipe books available to help get you through.

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